I am done!!! I am finally finished with my radiation! What a relief. Going through radiation was much more exhausting than chemo was. Emotionally facing the fact that you have cancer on a daily basis was very hard! I am also very burned under my arm. I thought I would show you what a radiation burn looks like. Here is my underarm.


It has started to really hurt each time it rubs on my clothes. It did open up but I think it is all healed now. After I finished my treatment I was given a gift certificate to a restaurant. I think they should have given me a t-shirt that says “I went through radiation and all I got was this lousy burn (oh yea and this t-shirt)” I looked for one but couldn’t find one.
Two weeks ago I went to my oncologist for my monthly Zometa (the stuff I take for my bones) and he told me of a new medicine that is given in shot form. This was such good news because typically getting my Zometa would take 2-3 hours and I would have to sit in the chemo room and get an infusion. Now I go in and just get a shot and then I can leave. I was given this shot this last time and boy was it brutal. I had muscle and bone pain. I also was sick to my stomach that night. I am hoping that my body gets use to this shot. Also I was given Tamoxifen which is a pill a take every day. It is hormonal treatment and I will be on it for the rest of my life. I think it blocks any estrogen I have left in my body (which is what my breast cancer feeds off of). The side effects as read off the bottle include hot flashes and weight loss. Let me tell you I can see why they say weight loss. Every time I have a hot flash, I sweat so much that I drop a few pounds. I also found out that I will have my first scan in March. I think I have to get scans every six months so since I had one in September, I will need one in March. I am already getting anxious about this scan. Hopefully it will show no new activity which will mean I can have a chemo break.

I thought I would post some pictures of the kids enjoying the weather. For those not living in St. Louis we have had some beautiful weather. It was like a reward for all the horrible weather we had!

My car needed some attention so I had some little helpers! They did a great job (mostly of getting themselves wet). The water was actually really cold!

Here the girls are playing in their sand box. They have really enjoyed playing outside.

And I couldn’t help but share this picture. I’ll have to give a little background. This was taken when I was still going to treatment. We had just gotten back from the gym and I was getting ready to go to treatment. Kaylee had been especially crabby. I usually didn’t take off their coats from going to the gym because we were only home an hour and I was usually making the mad dash to get ready and get some breakfast. I came into the room and this is what I found. You think radiation was tough on me, my poor girls were carted every day to the babysitters and back. It wore them out too!

I also wanted to thank everyone who has helped me though my treatment. I know many of you put me on church prayer lists and personal prayer lists. Thank you so much. I know God has helped me through this. I ask that you continue to pray that this nasty disease will remain dormant and not come back. Because I am a stage 4,  the cancer will most likely come back. I can only pray that I will have many years cancer free with my kids before I have to battle it again. I know that it is asking a lot but please continue to pray for me. I will continue to post updates and pictures here. I know many of you want to be kept up to date not only with my health, but also with my kids.


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. I.ve been waiting for your post. Yes I’m sure all the church family will continue to keep you in there prayers, as I will be doing. I’m so thankful for all the answers to our prayers. God is good and will continue to bless you and give you the strength that you will need for each day. Keep up your courage. Love, Grandma

  2. Congrats to you on your last day of radiation! Thank you for posting your story!! Thanks for posting the pics!!! I will continue to pray for you!! I am so happy for you!!! God Bless you with continued love, support and health!!!

  3. Michelle – you will continue to be in our daily prayers and on our Church’s prayer list until the day you are told you are Cancer free. It can happen. In the interim, I pray that you have quality time with your family.

    Take care and continue to send those adorable pictures 🙂

    Barb/Gary Biggs

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