Ice Event

Today we had an ice event. For those of you who don’t live in St. Louis, we had sleet, freezing rain, and a snow mix. Right now all is calm, but there is more to come tonight. All of this weather means that schools were closed once again. (We have had a very active year!) Another thing that closed was the Cancer Center (that’s where I go for radiation). They will also be closed tomorrow which will mean I will have to add two more days to the end of my treatment to make up. Hopefully Thursday it will re-open so I don’t have to miss any more. Very disappointing!! Now I will have to remark my calendar to reflect the extra days.

I thought I would post some pictures for those of you who are lucky enough to not have the ice. While it is pretty, it sure does cause lots of problems! Here is what our grass looks like.

This is a picture of the chair on our back porch.

Here is a tree on our property that looks like it is bending under the weight of the ice. It’s hard to see the ice but it looks beautiful!

This is what the kid’s swingset looks like. (Are you jelous yet?)

And when you can’t play on your swingset what do you do? Of course you build a fort!

4 thoughts on “Ice Event

  1. Thanks once again, Shelly, for giving us a glimpse of your life with those precious babies. It’s obvious by looking at them and reading about their exploits that they are vibrant, happy, energetic children with tons of personality. You’ve been blessed!

    The icy pictures are beautiful but now is not the time to be caught in a “winter wonderland”. I hope the weather clears and you can get back for your treatments and get that all behind you. We’ll pray for that for you.

    Keep your courage up, Shelly, and know that God’s in control and is taking care of you and your little family.



  2. BRRRR! Try to stay warm. We are watching the big snow event from the warmth of San Diego. Mid 60s all week. Our son Jeff is now living Colorado Springs, CO and I just checked. The high today was -4, with a low of -18. More BRRRR!

    Hmmm, where is all that global warming. Heh heh.

  3. well you can look on the bright side, at least they did not add 2 more treatments,you still have 9. And you get to hang out with the kiddos! I hope the winter weather goes by fast cause I know I am sure tired of it and ice is no fun i would rather have snow. You all take care and God bless!

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