Sunday Update

I thought I would update everyone and share a funny story. I only have 9 more treatments left. That’s right, I am now in the single digits!!! Such a good feeling. I am still not feeling too bad. My worst days are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning but I am only tired. Nothing a nap can’t fix! My underarm is starting to look really bad- a little raw- however like I said I can’t feel under there so not a big deal.

With radiation coming to an end I can finally think about the future. I will soon be out of active treatment. I will still get Zometa once a month but that is considered maintenance. Also that really only causes a day of unpleasantness. I will be taking Tamoxifen but that will be a pill everyday. Hopefully that won’t cause any side effects but I have heard some people don’t tolerate it well. It feels really good to be mostly all done!

I have to admit when I was diagnosed I was pretty upset. My summer was ruined! Here I had worked hard all school year with my eye on my summer vacation. I had all these ideas and plans for a summer of relaxation and enjoying my kids (especially my new baby). But that was unfairly taken away and instead I had to go through chemo. So I have decided to start planning for my “summer of fun!” I have heard that once you finish all your treatment you need to plan for your life. I plan to get a pool pass to a nearby pool and take the kids everyday. We are also planning a trip to the beach (not sure which one yet- suggestions welcome!) on the 4th of July. How cool would it be to watch the fireworks on the beach and a neat memory for me and my kids. Now that I am healthy I need to take this time and make those memories with my kids.

So I thought I would share a funny story about my girls. Nap time has become very difficult. Because the girls share a room, anytime one is awake the other is sure to follow. Abby loves to entertain Kaylee. So a few weeks ago during nap time, Abby decided to take the board that supports Kaylee’s crib mattress off. She then proceeded to crawl in the crib to “snuggle with Kaylee.” All the extra weight caused the mattress to fall making what looked like a slide with the mattress. downstairs I heard a thud and Kaylee cry. As I walk up the stairs to investigate, I hear Abby shut the door. Abby knew that if Kaylee went downstairs, mommy would know something was wrong and she would get in trouble. Needless to say Abby now sleeps in Jett’s room during nap time. I think I am going to have my hands full with those two!

I haven’t posted cuteness in a while so I thought I would share a picture of Kaylee chasing Jett’s remote control car. I only wish I knew how to post the video because it was really funny!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Update

  1. I continue to appreciate (& share at work) all of your posts. Thanks for sharing with all of us. We will continue to accompany you on this journey, including the pictures of cuteness. We are with you in spirit if not in person. Thanks for allowing us to be with you. Please let us know if there’s anything you need.

  2. It is good that you are looking forward because if we never plan for the future it happens anyway! Your children are precious and sharing their stories makes me laugh! Continue to stay strong during the treatments and they too shall pass. Remember that God has plans to prosper you and your family! It will be fun to see where He takes you!

  3. Thanks for the update again. I look foward to them. I’m thankful for the progress you have made. God has been very good to you and He will continue to be with you in all of your trials. Just continue having faith. Just remember He has a plan for you.
    Love, Grandma

  4. Thank God for all He has done for you so far!! My mother in law takes that pill,the only side effects she had was muscle weakness, but that was after several years on the meds. God knows what He is doing. It seems to me the devil tries to get you down and to discourage you, but just tell him where to go. We sometimes open the daycare door and tell him to go. He knows the weekend means Sabbath, so he tries to get you down at that time. Just like when you are getting ready for Church and you can’t find anything to wear.Or something keeps you from leaving on time. Thats the pesky evil guy. I know my husband says I am a little touched and he makes fun of me at times, calling me the church lady from saturday night live. I don’t care, because I know what God can do and He does listen. I am so happy for you that it is almost over with all those treatments. They tell you to plan your life because you won’t know how to act once you are not visiting Doctors and going to appointments. You will think you are bored. Your kiddos are so cute!!! me and my brother shared a room when we were little. He needed a night light and when it got turned on I thought it was time to get up. I continue to pray for you daily and your family!!! Get busy palnning and thank God for that too!!!!! Praises and Prayers always!!!!! Cape Cod is nice too.

  5. Michelle, John & family – I am catching up on reading and just read over this blog. We just so happen to have our condo open from Saturday, July 2 thru Saturday, July 9. Pinnacle Port is directly on the beach located in Panama City Beach, FL. It is about a 13 hour drive. Southwest also flies in PCB, but with a family of 4 (2 and under fly free), it is still much more economical to drive. Call me or email me. I’ll tentatively hold the week for you.

  6. It sounds like things are progressing in the right direction, yeah! We go to Cape Hatteras NC every year. It is beautiful and unpopulated. There are no fast food joints, just local things.

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