Wordful Wednesday

I have decided to re-name Wednesday. It seems that it is the day I update the blog. I can’t believe it is already Wednesday. This last week has been very hectic. I told John that I would love to just have nothing happen for a week.
Yesterday morning I woke up to a water problem. John was on a trip so he wasn’t here to deal with our newest problem. Jett apparently was playing with the sink upstairs when he really should have been in bed, asleep. He stopped up the sink and then didn’t turn off the water all the way so it slowly dripped ALL NIGHT!!! I know everyone is picturing what I woke up to. Oh yes, that’s right. Water came down the wall and soaked through the kitchen ceiling and then down into the basement where it left a huge pond! What a mess!! I guess with three kids there is always something happening. Luckily it looks as if I dried it up and it won’t be too big of a job to fix.

Radiation is going really well. I have a little bit of fatigue but it is worse towards the end of the week. Over the weekend I am able to regain my strength for the following week. I don’t have any of the “sunburn” effect yet but I was told that happens half way through. I am still working out so it isn’t bad at all. The actual radiation is still painful. They think because I am so thin that when I put my arm above my head it pinches a nerve. The worst part is that I have to lay there and not “fix” the pain when I know that just moving my arm would make the pain go away. The other thing that really bothers me is my bony back side. Whoever designed the machine thought that a slab of metal would be a great thing to lay on. I mean would it have hurt to put a little bit of padding on the thing??? The therapists finally felt bad and gave me a folded towel to lay on. I have started counting down and I only have 21 more days left!

This first picture is of Christmas Eve. The kids acted out the birth of Jesus. It was so cute. I can’t imagine not reading or telling the Christmas Story but I know there are families out there that never do. They miss out on the true meaning of Christmas!

I just had to post this one. This was actually Abby’s present but Jett really enjoyed playing with it too! I told him I wouldn’t show this to anyone but it was too cute not to post!


2 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday

  1. It’s so nice to hear that your radiation treatment is going well. Many, many years ago when Chuck went through it, he had a severe “sunburn”. Thankfully, medicine has advanced and they have fine tuned the treatment. Although, from the sounds of it, one thing they haven’t fixed is the table. Chuck use to complain about how cold, hard, and uncomfortable it was.

    Sorry, Michelle, but I had to chuckle at Jett’s water adventure. It sounds just like something John would have done. Like father, like son?

    Keeping all of you in my prayers.


  2. Maybe you can take a pillow or one of those foam mats with you ,if possibe to lay on. I hope those days fly by for you. At least you had the energy to clean up that water mess. Your children are cute!! My prayers are with you daily! And have a great Sabbath! Thank God for all He has done for you too!!!!!!

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