So I thought I would write a quick post while I have a few seconds. Seems like I am running around all the time. I’m sure everyone feels the same with Christmas and all. Hope everyone is ready for Christmas. It seems each year I promise myself to start shopping earlier but then before I know it I only have a week left before Christmas. This year I did a lot of shopping online. It was much easier!
Last Monday was my Zometa treatment. It went really well. I only felt bad that night and some the following morning. It is mostly bone pain and muscle soreness. It seems each time I get a treatment it gets better. I did talk to my oncologist and asked if he thought my cancer would come back. I was hopping that because I had such a great response to the chemo and was cancer free I would have a better shot of it not coming back. He said there is a 100% chance it will come back it would just be a question of when. I guess with stage 4 it always comes back. That news is very hard but I know I have to live my life to the fullest and spend every moment I can with my beautiful children.
On Thursday I had an appointment with the radiologist. The plan is to do 28 treatments. That is a treatment every day, Monday through Friday until I have completed 28 treatments. Luckily the treatments aren’t too long and will only make me tired. Doing this though will decrease the chance of it coming back. Always with stage 4 there is no good data because every person is different but I went in being aggressive so I will continue being aggressive.
This weekend has been really hard. Both girls have ear infections. They are miserable when they are sick. Abby slept all day Saturday and Sunday. She was burning up both days! Today she is still a little sick but seems to be perking up. I am sure Jett or myself will get it by Christmas. It seems Christmas is a good time to get sick. UGH!
Well my 2 seconds are up because I have a little one screaming for my attention. I hope to post pictures of the family decorating the tree on Wednesday.
Thanks for all the kind comments. It really helps knowing that I have so many people praying for me.


10 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Michelle –

    You, John and your lovely children are always in our thoughts and prayers. We’ll see you sometime over the holiday.

    Jake, Julie and Ella

  2. We will continue to cover you in prayer. I will pray that those 28 days fly by. Uncle Dave and I will get to see your folks at the end of Feb. in Oregon. We will all be at Grandma Dolly’s together.
    Love you!! Merry Christmas.
    Uncle Dave and Aunt Kim

  3. Happy Holidays! It is so good that you are at home and can love your little ones even if they are sick! Glad you are feeling well enough to enjoy some holiday fun and praying that the infections and colds stay with the little ones! Enjoy all of your family this season and we are saying a prayer of thanks for your healing! God can take cancer away and KEEP it away!

  4. Happy Holidays! I hope that your days are filled with fun and that everyone heals soon. I will continue to pray for you.

  5. I am praying for you and your family everyday. and don’t worry, sure it may come back but that could be 20 years or more down the road. not one single person knows, only God. So you keep your head up and put God first and He will never let you down. Your girls picture decorating the tree on your last post was adorable. I bet that little one is walking all over the place now. I hope that you and your family have a Blessed and Wonderful Christmas. And a special gift Christmas is on the Sabbath this year. I greet but will have to sneek in early to enjoy the Christmas songs. Don’t tell. Prayers always and to a Better New Year! Lisa

  6. Hi Michelle,
    I’ve been following your progress from the beginning and praying constantly. I am so proud of your positive attitude, your aggressive treatment and your trust in God. Keep it up, we’re all behind you and praying constantly for you and your family.
    Much love! DiAnn

  7. Michelle – there is only one that can tell you if the Cancer will come back or not and it isn’t a doctor. God and only God knows all about us. We’ll keep you in our prayers and miracles can happen with the power of prayer. We wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas.

    Love, Barb, Gary & family

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