Wordless Wednesday

Yes I know I have been MIA. I have been playing catch-up ever since we returned from Great Wolf Lodge. Every time I sat down to write on my blog something came up or I remembered I had to do something. So now it is time for some updates. Last week was my first full week without chemo running through my veins. Oh what a great week!! I was starting to feel like a human being again!! My hair has started to grow in thicker and longer. Now it just looks like I have a really bad haircut. Then this Monday I went in for Zometa. Now this isn’t “chemo.” It is to help my bones grow in where the cancer ate them. It also makes it very hard for cancer to grow and attack the bones. Yeah!! So I go into the doctor’s office thinking this is going to be a walk in the park. I mean aren’t I due to have it easy? I guess I was mistaken. Apparently when you are given the Zometa without chemo and steriods you do have some side effects. UGGGGHHH!! It really was unpleasant to say the least. As soon as they started my drip I could feel the Zometa seeping throughout my body. Oh what a feeling! Almost at once I could feel my bones and muscles ache. I was told I would have bone and muscle pain, chills, and neasua. Sure enough I did feel the bone and muscle pain. (I am really sick of that part!) I didn’t get the chills or upset stomach. I did get a nasty looking sore on my nose. It looks like I fell down and scrapped my nose. So I get to do this once a month for the next two years. Can’t wait. It is worth it only if it keeps the cancer away. Tommorrow I get to go meet with the surgeon to figure out what the plan is for surgery.
Now on to the more pleasant part of this post. I wanted to share some of the pics from our trip to Great Wolf Lodge.


9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. So good to see that you are enjoying your family and having some relaxing fun! You deserve it! So glad to continue to hear great results and updates from your mom…thanks for the update! Continuing to pray for God’s blessings on you and to lessen your pain!

  2. Michelle by writing this memo I’m asking God to pass on your bone and muscle discomfort, nausea, chills and any other after math you may encounter during your treatments to each of us who are supporting you so that your treatments can be less troublesome.

    We continue to pray for a full recovery. God works in mysterious ways …

  3. Looks like great family fun at Great Wolf Lodge!

    So sorry for your extreme discomfort during Zometa! Yikes! I’m wondering why they don’t give you the steroids with it to negate the side effects like they do w/ chemo?! Wishing you wellness and less side effects. (((Hugs)))

  4. My dear Michelle:
    I’m glad you had some time away. I am praying as you go in for a consultation with the surgeon the they will be impressed by the Holy Spirit to have the right plan of action. And I pray that you will be able to also have wisdom to make the right decision. Just remember God has His hand over it all and He also has a plan for you.
    God bless you.
    Love, Grandma

  5. I love your pictures! That medicine sounds just like the devel, when you try to do good and follow God that devel always shows up.But I know you will do some research on how to beat those side effects. My prayers are with you and your family everyday and will continue. I am glad you are still posting, just to keep in touch. Take care and keep on trusting in God!!! Love, Lisa

  6. I can’t even imagine how difficult this journey has been for you, Michelle. Keep hanging in there! You are a SURVIVOR! Mike and I and many, many, many others continue to pray for you daily.

  7. Is Great Wolf Park a water park? I just saw it featured on Undercover Boss. Cool place for family.
    I know it’s hard for you Shelly, but on the other end, it will be worth it to you. I do pray for you.
    Keep your trust in the One who created you. Love, Helen Witherspoon

  8. Michelle, It is wonderful to hear your good news not only from your blog but from your folks. God is good and you have been blessed with a miracle. We are continuing to pray for you and your family. Love the vacation pictures, you have earned a much needed break. Your positive attitude has been an inspiration to me and also a reminder of the power of prayer. Take care. Ronnie & Debbie

  9. Hey, I forgot to tell you something. I was meaning to write it, but I forgot about it when you put your post out. I have the 40 plus sometimers. you get forgetful at that age; lol. But anyways, two weeks ago on the Sabbath when your dad was the elder and he announced your wonderful news to everyone, I was so happy that I cried, even though I already knew from your post. God is so wonderful!!!! Praise God for all He has done for you and what He will continue to do for you. Have a wonderful week! Its hard to believe it is November. Prayers always! Lisa

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