Yep that’s right!! A big sigh of relief!! My biopsy came back negative. That means that I have no cancer in my thyroid!! Praise God. I know that he has heard everyone’s prayers. It is about time I got some good news without doing any work (chemo)! I was beginning to think my body hated me.
Another new development is my surgery. My surgeon called and said the tumor board thought removing all my lymph nodes (those in my underarms) was overkill. I want to be as aggressive as is necessary but I don’t want to do something that I don’t need or that won’t benefit me. So now I have an appointment to meet with the surgeon to discuss what the tumor board’s recommendations are and what I feel I need to do. I really just don’t want the cancer to come back any time soon so I’ll do anything to keep it away. (I have that song in my head- Rain, Rain go away, don’t come back another day)
I am really looking forward to Monday. Typically (in my new cancer world) I would go in for another treatment. Since I am finished, I am looking forward to seeing how I will feel with no new chemo in my body.


12 thoughts on “Wheww

  1. Michelle,
    You just made my “good” day – even better! I am so happy to hear about your thyroid news. Chuck cringed when I read your last post about the thyroid biopsy. He went through that same thing 30 years ago, only his was cancer. Chuck is living proof that you CAN beat this disease!!! Keeping you in prayer!


  2. Michelle – that is fantastic news … and yes I’m sure God heard all the prayer on your behalf 🙂 Enjoy your first Monday off with no Chemo. Love, Barb, Gary & family

  3. That great news about the biopsy! The song that has been going through mind head the last week or so is “God is so good” and all the verses that go along with the song. So glad that you got some really good news to start your weekend.

  4. Thank God!!!!! We are so happy for you!! Just keep your faith up and keep on believing you will continue to be blessed. Just don’t forget the devil will try to bring you down , tell him to go away! No more doughts. My prayers will continue for you and your family. Have a great Monday!!! And Happy Sabbath to you and your family!!

  5. What wonderful news on a beautiful Sabbath day! Be sure to enjoy this weekend and praise God for his miracles in your life (medically and beyond!) We will be praying for the right choices on your surgery. I normally do not look forward to Monday because it means I have to stop my weekend play but now you have given new perspective…Enjoy!!

  6. Dear Shelly, It’s Sabbath morning at 6.00 A.M (I don’t usually open my e-mail on Sabbath, but was impressed to do so, and read about your good news. God is so good!!! I just will continue praying that He will give you the wisdom to make the right decision on your continued treatment. Just remember that God has you in His plan for you.
    Love you, Grandma

  7. WONDERFUL NEWS! Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Monday w/out a treatment.

    I’m loving the Chia seeds and am encouraging Hub to try them too!

    • I praise God for this great news. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your courage at this difficult time. I know the Lord will keep lifting you up no matter what.

  8. Michelle: You don’t know me but I know John and his family. So Happy to hear the good news.. Prayers are with you. Theresa Mantz

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