Doctor’s Appointment

Today I had an appointment with my breast surgeon. I was apprehensive because I didn’t know what to expect. I guess in the beginning I was given so much bad news that I have come to expect bad news from the doctor. That is not what I got this time. We discussed what my options were and I have to say I walked away with a smile!
So here are the details as of right now. Based on some testing this next week the tentative plans are to go with a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy. Also at the same time we are going to remove my ovaries as well. So long and farewell to the things that are producing too much estrogen in my body!!!
Next week will be a very busy one!! On Monday I will have a MRI to see exactly how big the tumor in my breast is. Then I will have an ultrasound to see what the lymph nodes in my underarm look like. Then on Wednesday I have an appointment with the radiologist to discuss the plan for radiation. I have heard that this causes more fatigue than anything else. Then next week I will have my last chemo on Monday. On Tuesday I have my PET scan to assess the cancer on my spine. This will also set the benchmark to measure future growth. On Friday I meet again with the surgeon to discuss all the results and come up with a final surgery plan and then hopefully set a date. She says it will be about 4-6 weeks after my last chemo.
I was so excited today. When the surgeon felt the tumor, she said she was mostly feeling breast tissue (a good thing) and that the tumor has shrunk from 6cm to 2cm. That is better than what was hoped for!! Once again I am very thankful that God has heard everyone’s prayers!
One other quick story. I was running low on my Delicious Green 8000 powder and forgot to let my mom know right away. (she orders it online) The morning that I finished off the last scoop I still didn’t have the new one. Later that day when the mail came you will never guess what came- Yep that’s right! The new can of Green powder. Isn’t God wonderful? He knew I needed it and provided it in the nick of time. That only makes me believe even more that all the changes I have made are in His plan.


6 thoughts on “Doctor’s Appointment

  1. Shelly, I was so excited when your Mom called. I was going to call you but thought it was nap time for the girls and you so didn’t want to disturb. Yes, God is very watchful of all our needs. I’m so thankful for answered prayers. God has a plan for you so you have to keep trusting and believing. I hope you have your Mom come to be with you on your busy week,for encouragement and help. I wish I could be with you!!!
    We love you much.


  2. Oh Praise God!!!!! I am so happy. My prayers will continue to be with you and your family, and that you continue to get more good news all this week! God sees us through so much. Continue trusting Him and keep up the good work!!! I love the story, God knows! Prayers be with you! Happy Sabbath!!!

  3. Amazing! Not only does he watch over us in the big things but the small ones in life as well! Continuing to pray for you daily and I know he is carrying you through all this to his purpose on the other end. Trust in him for all things!!

  4. Michelle – I am so glad to hear the positive news … God does hear our prayers (and your prayers of course). Stay strong. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family.

    Barb, Gary & family

  5. Hi! What great news the the tumor has become so much smaller and that a lumpectomy is all you’ll need! The Lord is answering our prayers! I will continue praying for you and your family. Kay

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