Wordless Wednesday- Football

This year Jett decided to do football. What a time commitment that has been. In the beginning he practiced 3 nights a week from 6-8. Now that games have started he only practices 2 nights a week. So far it hasn’t been his favorite. I think he is afraid of getting hurt. He does look so cute in all his pads! This week I thought I would share a picture of the family at one of his games.

To me this picture shows my cancer that I am not going to lay down and stop living. Take that cancer!!!


4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Football

  1. Good picture of all of you. Michelle you look really good. I plan on making it to a few of Jett’s games. Let him know his dad played football when he was Jett’s age. Continue with your fight because you are doing an excellent job and show that cancer who is the boss. Take care my love to all of you.

  2. I love that you have faced this challenge head on! All that you’re doing really shows your character and fighting spirit! You continue to be in my prayers every day!

    By the way… John and Jett look great in the Blue and White! Glad to see John still has the Indianapolis Colt spirit! =)

  3. I love this photo of your family! My son is also playing football this year, it is his first year playing. We have practice from 6-8pm 3 nights a week. We started out the first two weeks going every night from 6-8 and so I am very happy it has gone down to only 3 nights a week. We have had one game so far, so much fun! I am so happy to read how well you have been doing. You look amazing and I hope you feel as wonderful as you look! I love reading your blogs and look forward to trying your enchilada recipe. I had never heard of rice cheese before, very curious about it and so I want to try it!
    I plan on eating a pink frosted cupcake on the 27th to celebrate with you in spirit.

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