Chemo- Round 5

So I am actually sitting here in my very comfortable chemo chair typing this post. This is round 5 and now I only have one more round left. YEAH!!!! So as I sat here today, I thought how fun it would be if I had a party my last treatment. I thought it would be like a going away party!! So if anyone is up to coming to visit during my last treatment I am thinking about making some cupcakes (my sister’s idea) and hand out pink rubber bracelets. Don’t know if everyone knows this but October is breast cancer month. My last treatment will be on September 27th so that will be right before October. I know lots of people work but if you want to just stop in for 5 or 10 minutes that would be great! If you want to come let me know and I will forward the address or directions.
My sister came up to visit this treatment and it was a great distraction. She brought her little boy and he kept everyone entertained.
Once again all my counts were normal. My white blood level was above normal which is great!! Its all those Chia seeds! Also my doctor says that my tumor has gone from 6 cm to roughly 2 cm. This is great news!! The cancer on my spine is a little harder to get information on without doing a PET scan but he is very encouraged by how I don’t have any pain.
So this last week I went to the Y to work out. I don’t know why I waited so long to do this. I go at 8 am and the girls can go to the daycare. This way I can walk longer. I have also found that I push myself harder because there are some men there that walk pretty fast- can’t let them show me up! After this next week I am going to start some weight training. I have read that working out the muscles is very beneficial for cancer.
So yesterday I experienced chemo nesting which would be similar to pregnancy nesting I guess. I know that this next week I won’t be feeling very good so I had to get my house ready. I cleaned out my refrigerator, pulled up all the kids winter clothes, and cleaned out summer clothes. What a lot of work!! I am a very frugal person so I usually buy winter clothes when they go on clearance for the next year. I am very lucky that all my kids have followed sizing exactly! Boy did I buy a lot of clothes. Probably too many but who can pass over shirts and pants for 2$? Not me!! And I don’t feel guilty for having so many cute outfits!!
Well looks like my chemo is done. My last bag is empty so they will be kicking me out! I officially only have one more treatment!!


8 thoughts on “Chemo- Round 5

  1. Hooray! I’m very glad to hear how great you are doing but even more so to hear the tumor is shrinking! Keep doing what you are doing and put your trust in God! I really like your party idea and the cupcakes……

  2. Fantastic news!!! I agree with your sister…..nothing like a party to celebrate!!! What time does the party begin and end? I have lunch and plan together so I might just take a ride over!!! So happy for the awesome news! Nothing like the power of prayer!!! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers daily!!! AND do not let the guys pass you up!!! LOL

  3. Hooray! One more round of chemo. Uncle Dave and I won’t be there, but I am going to wear a pink bracelet and bake cupcakes with pink frosting in your honor. We love you so much!!!
    Uncle Dave and Aunt Kim

  4. I like the idea of a party but live to far away. Can I be there in spirit instead? Maybe I’ll make cupcakes with pink frosting and bring them to work to celebrate. I have bought pants and shirts for my boys on clearance. Great way to save money. Glad to hear the news about your tumors shrinking.

  5. Michelle –
    You don’t know me, but I am your dad’s first cousin – his mother is my Aunt Dolly. Your dad’s Aunt Irene was my mother. I spoke with Aunt Dolly on the phone yesterday and needless to say, I was saddened to hear of your most difficult journey.
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39 – now 22 years ago, as I am now 61 I was diagnosed with Large B-Cell lymphoma in July, 2010 and like you – am gloriously bald and undergoing chemo.
    Please greet your parents for me – obviously, I have known Paul all of my life – even though he is MUCH younger. If you want to know more about our family history – please send me an e-mail at My younger sister, Mary Beth and I are going to Phoenix this next weekend, just to get away – she lives in Minneapolis – not far from our cousin, Roger and I live in Denver, close to where my son, Adam and his wife, Belinda live.
    Wish you were closer – I would come for a cupcake.
    Peace and love always,
    Your dad’s cousin – Dee (Delores)

  6. Yeah!!!!!!!! You go girl, you keep up all that hard work. I can see God cheering you on all the way. He is so good to us. I am so happy for you! Thank God!!! And I also check out those clearance racks. My 16 year old daughter has also learned this trick. They even have clearance items in those expensive teen stores. Praises and prayers continue to be with you always. And the one lady I told you about that her daughter’s children come to our daycare has been telling her mom those tips about the claritn and frozen peas. She starts her chemo treatments today. So I am glad you put these posts up, it encourages others as well!! Take care, Lisa

    • Great and wonderful news. We have an awesome God that answers prayers. You have much to be thankful for. Keep up the good work and keep trusting.So glad Jennifer is close enough to keep you company. If I was there I would come to your party!!! I will be thinking of you at that time and continue praying.

      Love, Grandma

  7. Hi Shelly,

    So glad to hear all the fantastic news about the cancer shrinking! A “going away” party is so appropiate! Wish I could be there to help celebrate but will keep you in my thoughts as we have been during this experience. Keep up all your exercising, diet and courage as you come into the final round of chemo! Everyone is cheering you on!

    Take care

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