Wordless Wednesday

So on Tuesday I posted my green smoothie recipe. It was great to hear that some people were going to try it. I think my mom got the Greens 8000 from http://www.4allvitamins.com but like Amy said you could google it and there are many websites that sell it. After thinking about it I will probably include where I purchase items as well as give the brands of each item. I have done a lot of label reading to ensure I don’t get any sugar in my ingredients so I would like to pass along that information as well. Anyway now on to the pictures.

I took the girls to take September pictures at JCPennys. Oh what fun that was. Kaylee screamed and Abby refused to sit for the pictures. So I decided to take some pictures at home. Pretty much the same results! Anyway here are some of the pictures I managed to take. Once again the girls are wearing mommy made outfits. I think my sewing skills are improving as I make more outfits.


9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. The dresses are darling and you do a good job sewing but I always thought you did. The kids are so cute. Take care.

  2. What a beautiful family! You sew very well. Do you make their Halloween costumes too? When our kids were little, I would pull out the sewing machine and make theirs. I enjoyed making each and every one of them!

    Looking forward to seeing some more of your talents!

  3. We haven’t had our boys pictures taken together for a while now. But last fall we did. NOT GOOD at all. Blake bit Alex and he started crying, so we ended the session early. Took them back at different times instead. Dresses look cute. Sewing suits you.

  4. Michelle – you are so talented … the girls look adorable in their matching outfits and Jett is getting so big.

  5. Dear Michelle You are doing great with your sewing. I thnk you are taking after your great grandma Schmidt. She made a flower girls dress for your mother, for my wedding, just looking at the brides maids dresses. She was really good.

    Keep up the courage. The kids are darling. Love Aunt Louise

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