Wordless Wednesday

Since I talked about food in my last post I thought I would share some pictures of the kids that involve food.

Here is Kaylee- She loves to eat solid food especially beans!!

And here is Abby the pirate. She loves her smoothies!!

And lastly I just wanted to say how blessed I am to have three little helpers! (They were all helping put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher)

And yes Jett is wearing pink bunny slippers!!


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. What beautiful children! food and all! Right now my heart is so happy for you and for what God is doing here in PEwee Valley. I am the soul teacher here this year but God has sent us enough students that I have to have a full time teacher’s aide. I was trying to “fix” everything and what I learned is that I just have to get out of the way and let God lead out! I know that you are learning the same thing in dealing with cancer and life…. STay strong and know that God is not done with you! He is doing marvelous and miraculous things and He is with you! Thanks for your posts and know that you are in our daily prayers!

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures of the kids, I really enjoy seeing them. You are so blessed to have such great helpers!

    Keeping all of you in our prayers!


  3. The kids are adorable … they, along with God,family and friends will help you thru all this.

    God Bless You and Your Family, you are in our thoughts and prayers.


    Barb, Gary & boys

  4. Great family Michelle. You’re going to have to get hubby into the photo shoot one of these times.

    God is working with you for sure. I have a cousin who is also on our prayer list who is going through a stem cell transplant early next week. We know that God will be answering our prayers for the two of you with the anticiated positive results.

    You almost got me wishing I had some little ones around to help. Note, I said almost. Grandpa and grandma love the kids, but it’s nice to be able to send them back home to help mom with the dishes. Yes, God is good all the time, especially when we are anxious. Keep your courage up Shelley.

    Lovingly, Norm and Doris “O”

  5. Lucky YOU to have so much ‘help’ and a reason for downing those delicious (not) smoothies & shakes. Sounds like your diet challenges and research continues!

    I do hope you are gaining strength in time for the next round of chemo. Sorry I can’t join you Monday.

    You should know that you are my motivation for walking before going to school; if you can do it @ 5 am, I can too. Peace & blessings!

  6. Dear Shelly, it is good to see your 3 wonderful “inspirations’. I know they inspire you to reach higher, work harder and pray more fervently for healing. You, yourself, are a true inspiration to the rest of us who read your blog and see your pics. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Please know that the prayers continue to go up for you. I just know God thinks, “Here’s another one for Shelly” and I believe He smiles at the sound of your name.

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