Chemo- Round 2

On Tuesday I went for my second round of chemo. I was really blessed to have Janice Stevens visit with me during my treatment. She made the time fly by! She has been a wealth of information and support and I really am thankful for her.
One of the side effects of my chemo (Taxotere) is that your nails lift and ooze and some have reported their nails falling off. This concerned me because I have little kids and I could see this being painful. So I did a little research on the internet and found that a lady put her fingernails in frozen peas during her Taxotere drip and never had a problem. So during my drip I sat with my fingers in frozen peas in hopes that it will help.
On Wednesday I went back for my Nuelasta shot. I had read on the internet that if you take Claritin before the shot the side effects wouldn’t be as bad. So I took a Claritin on Tuesday and then on Wednesday. I have to say I think it made a big difference. I didn’t get the chills or shakes. I do still have bone pain and muscle pain but it is not as bad as the first time around. Last time I also took Ibuprofen for pain and so far this time I haven’t taken any pain meds. So I guess I will be taking the Claritin from now on.
I don’t feel that bad so far but I think I am coming down with a bit of a cold. John was sick and coughing so I think I got something from him. Hopefully my white blood cell count will remain high enough to fight off the cold. Even when I don’t feel good, just having my kids around me helps me so much. They give me the strength to fight and carry on with my day. Their smiles light up my day and I know I have to stay strong for them!
God has really blessed me with so many people praying for me. I want to thank everyone who has been praying. I feel that God is working great miracles already!
Every day I go for a 30 minute walk. I listen to christian music as I walk and before I start I ask God to bless me with something I need to hear. I am amazed that he always has a song that speaks to me.
I do think my diet is helping with the side effects of the chemo. There are so many opinions out there regarding diet and not everyone agrees with it, but I feel healthier cutting out sugar, dairy and meat. I guess I feel like I need to do everything in my power to help heal my body and this is one area I can control. I will admit it is hard sometimes to stick to the diet when others around me are eating things that look delicious. Please continue to pray that I can stay strong!


7 thoughts on “Chemo- Round 2

  1. Every time I read one of your updates I just stop and thank God for you. You are staying so strong and I continue to pray that your faith in the Lord continues to keep you praising Him. Papa and I love you very much. Keep looking up.
    Love, Grandma

  2. Your an amazing woman. I pray for you daily. I know God is answering prayers, I see your strength and positive attitude through your blog. With or without hair your a beautiful woman. I don’t know you on a personal level, but I can tell your just as beautiful on the inside.

    With care,

  3. Hi Shelly,

    My sister Erika recently told me about your blog. I just wanted to leave a note to let you know that I read your blogs, in fact I check daily now to see if you have written or not. I was so shocked and saddened to hear you have been stricken with this awful disease. You are young, beautiful and have a beautiful young family. It is amazing to read how strong you are through all of this. I can’t help but cry as I read your blogs. I am a mother also, a 10 year old son and a 9 month old daughter. It is wonderful you can stay so strong and positive for your kids! I love that you have started a journal for them too, I think that is fantastic! I hope it is something you will be able to read with your grandchildren someday. My thoughts are with you daily Shelly, you and your family. I will continue to follow your blogs and look forward to the day you say I AM CANCER FREE!!

    Amy – an old class mate and friend

  4. So glad that you are finding little hints to help you through the chemo and meds. Stick with your plan of a healthy diet and exercise! It can only help! Your time with God is so special and He is talking to you through the music but through everyone around you! God continue to bless you, your family and medical team!

  5. Fingernails in frozen peas, Claritin, walking, and diet…keep up the research and resolve because it is working wonders for you! In addition to the motivating love of your children/family/friends, prayer, Christian music and ‘Western’ medicine! I see all the above improving your psyche and body, so continue trusting yourself.

    I’m blessed you let me share the journey…I think you’re a beautiful inspiration to many more people than you’ll ever realize! Peace and wellness!

  6. Thanks for continuing to share how it is going. Thank goodness we live in this day & age when so many wonderful resources are available to us–medical advances, staying connected via the internet, being able to do research, etc. You and your family continue to be in my prayers. By the way, I understand what you’re talking about with your prayers for the meaningful music. I discovered JoyFM in December & certain artists’ lyrics really touch me…smiles & tears. Love & blessings to you & yours!

  7. I am so happy that this time around is going better for you! Thank God for all He does! He gave you your children first , because He knew they would help you stay strong. And your hair does not make you look like a boy. You have a beautiful smile and it shows better with your hair away from your face. It is amazing how those little things you are doing are helping, like peas and claritin. Who knows what else you will find. I will continue to pray for you and your family everyday!!! And praise God for all He has done for you so far!!!!!

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