Boy Don’t I Look Like a Boy!

I just had to do it. What, you ask? Shave my head. On Sunday I woke up to hair falling out. It really didn’t leave a halo of hair on my pillow like promised but when I got into the shower I was pulling it out in clumps. All day each time I would run my hands through my hair it would come out in large quantities. By Sunday night my hair was coming out even faster and my head was very itchy. It was almost mesmerizing to run my hands through my head and watch to see how much hair would come out. I just couldn’t stop myself. I told John if this continued I would just shave it because I was making a mess wherever I went.
This morning I woke up to a clean pillow again and was almost disappointed that it just all didn’t fall out. Now each time I ran my hands through my hair it was coming out in large clumps. My hair still looked okay and I probably could have kept it a little longer but shedding hair everywhere was really disgusting. When I could stand my hair no longer, I told John to get the clippers. First we clipped the hair (both Jett and Abby got a turn) then John buzzed it (Jett was afraid of hurting mommy and there was no way I would let Abby have a turn). It really didn’t upset me like I thought. I didn’t cry or get depressed. In fact I made jokes about my hair. I guess you could say I am taking it all in stride. Will there be times when I get upset about not having hair? Probably. But then you have to move on.
So tomorrow I have my second round of chemo. I am excited because I hope this second round will help shrink my tumor. I will update everyone on how I am feeling in a few days as the first couple of days are the worst.
Below are two pictures. One before the hair cut and one after. Enjoy.

17 thoughts on “Boy Don’t I Look Like a Boy!

  1. Michelle,

    I’ve just been recently made aware of your blog. I’ve heard about what you are going through and have been including you and your family in my daily prayers. I think that you are an amazing person and I think it is awesome that you are sharing yourself and your experiences so openly and honestly. You made me cry! Wishing you the best. You are beautiful – hair or no hair!

    E. Morris Elementary

  2. Bald is BEAUTIFUL ’cause your spirit shines through. Your miniature co-survivors are adorable…BC is truly a family affair. I think it’s wonderful the way you’re including them in the process.

  3. I talked with your mom tonight and she keeps us updated along with your blogs.. So glad that the cancer is shrinking! Looks like the whole food diet and God are working for you! Our prayer is that the chemo continues to shrink the tumors! God is so good!Your new hairdo makes you look ready for summer and the heat! It is great that your kids are helping with your hair and being part of your cancer process! They will remember this and how God has been blessing you! Look forward to more updates!

  4. I was very excited to hear about the shrinking of the tumor, but I do believe you were way more excited. I would have loved to see you yell out that your tumor is shrinking. I think next time you should just do it. Your are in our daily prayers and it gives me goose bumps to hear all about the miracles happening. Stay strong!

  5. John and the kids did a great job with the haircut! I think bald is beautiful! You are in my prayers.

  6. Just keep on holding your head up high hair or no hair. You are beautiful to me no matter. I am also praying that the Lord will work mightily with the Chemo treatment to shrink the tumor. Just keep faith and trust in the Awesome healer.
    Love, Grandma

  7. Michelle,
    You are a beautiful person, inside and out.
    Your passion and love for your children shines through.
    We are thrilled that your tumor is shrinking.
    Wishing you the best with your second round of Chemo.

    Love and Prayers,
    Bill and Deb

  8. Hi! first of all, great pictures of you and the kids!

    As I’m sitting here with my neck sweating from the hair laying on it, I almost feel jealous that you can shave yours off and be cool this summer! But I’m too chicken to cut it any shorter than it is. You are very brave handling it the way you are.

    I am praying that the chemo works again this time and shrinks the spots even further and I am praying that your doctors make wise decisions in determining your treatment regimens.

  9. Michelle,
    You are an incredible person! I love reading your blog and following your story! You have an amazing way to write! I have included you and your family in my daily prayers. Nothing like the POWER of prayer! I wish you peace during the next chemo round! Thoughts and prayers coming your way!
    barb zarzeck

  10. You look beautiful, Michelle. Treat yourself to some fun hats to wear. A girlfriend of mine who went through breast cancer treatment last year had some of the most cute and fun hats she wore. Hang in there!

  11. Michelle, We pray for you and your family every day. It sounds like all the prayers are helping! Keep up the good work on diet and exercise and FIGHT! Your family is precious.

  12. Michelle, your postings show what an incredible person God has made of you! He must love you so much! I know He will continue to give you whatever strength you need for each day.

    Your old Sabbath School teacher,
    “Aunt” Ruth

  13. You rock the shaved head! At least your head is a good shape, so when you no longer have any hair you will look great still! 🙂

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