Finally Some Good News

I am so excited that I just had to share what happened yesterday. I went to the oncologist yesterday to have my blood work done and to meet with the oncologist (usually this would be done on the day I have chemo but my doctor will be on vacation next week). He asked how I was feeling and how these last two weeks went. Then he examined my tumor. Now I don’t know about you but when you have an abnormality (zit, chipped tooth, or odd bump) you feel it constantly to see if it is still there or if it has changed at all. That is what I do on a hourly basis. On some days I think my tumor is getting smaller on other days I think it is getting bigger and other days I think it is still the same. Now when we first went to the oncologist he “memorized” my tumors so if they started to shrink he would be able to tell. I actually have two tumors in my breast. One is only .9 cm and I can barley feel it. The other tumor is 5 cm and feels like a hard square piece of toast. I also have one large lymph node in my underarm that you could feel. Yesterday the oncologist couldn’t even find the lymph node!! When he felt the large tumor he was surprised by how much it had shrunk. He compared it to a piece of ice and it has “melted” enough so that he can feel bumps and ridges. Praise the Lord!! It is shrinking and the chemo and my diet is working!! God is healing me. I was so excited!! As we were walking to the car I wanted to yell that my tumor is shrinking!! Then I thought better of that idea because people would think I was crazy. (I almost didn’t care) The other good news is that my white blood cell count is in the normal range. My iron and platelets are just a little bit low but that is due to the chemo. (I would love some ideas about how to boost my iron) I don’t think I stopped smiling all day! When I was constantly feeling my tumor I didn’t want to think it had shrunk only to be disappointed. I also told my husband it is like your child. You see them everyday and while you know they are getting bigger it isn’t until a relative, who hasn’t seen them in a while, tells you how much they have grown that you actually believe it. I am really on cloud 9 and this just makes me ready to fight harder.


28 thoughts on “Finally Some Good News

  1. My dear Shelly,

    I cried from happiness when I heard this marvelous news. God is so good. We know God works miracles and works with the treatments to cause them to work too. Just keep on the good work and keep on believing on the Lord and trusting. Just keep faith and know that God does work miracles. We are praying without ceasing. Give John , Jett, Abby & Kaylee our love. We love you, Grandma

  2. A miracle! Isn’t it wonderful to know that with everythng happening in our world today, God especially did something special for you! You are loved and never forget this feeling because the devil really tries hard to make you feel alone; but you never are! God will never leave you or forsake you! Praise God for the wonderful work He is doing in and through you!

  3. What wonderful news! There is nothing better than positive reinforcement in knowing that the treatment and prayers are working. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

  4. Terrific news, Michelle! My body reacted the same way, the tumors melted (I like that analogy). Taxotere is a newer generation chemo and it seems to be especially effective.

    For iron, do you like spinach? I could eat it cooked, but a salad is good if you’re going raw. Have you tried quinoa…a grain that’s a complete protein. You can substitute it for rice; I like it as a salad. Do you eat Ezekial bread? If you’d like, drop me an email and I’ll shop for those for you.

  5. Michelle,
    I saw the HUGE smile on your face when Dr.Hildrith told there is reduction in the tumor and no sign of the swollen lymph node. It has been a very long time since I have seen you that happy.
    When Jett and I got home last night at ten oclock, I really wanted to just put him to bed so I could go to bed, he stopped me and said “we need to pray for mommy”, so we did.
    I pray for a miracle everyday whether instantaneous or through Jesus working through the DR’s.

    I Love You!
    I really want to see more smiles soon.

  6. Michelle,

    I’m so happy for you and how your healing is going. I pray for you several times a day. Our God is good! As for needing more iron, I noticed a comment about spinach–it is very high in iron. Also, raisins and black strap molasses. Keep your positive attitude!

  7. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am shouting from the rooftops!!!!
    We will just keep praying and believing and praising!!
    Love you
    Aunt Kim

  8. Awesome! I am so very happy for you. Thanks for sharing the good news. It is truly great seeing those kinds of results from what you’re doing. If you are cooking anything, I know from Dr. Oz & others that are anemic that cooking in an iron skillet passes along the iron from the skillet into the food. Smiles to you! : )

  9. Michelle,

    I am so happy to hear your good news! I think Jett did a great job with naming the wig! Keep up the great spirits. You are a true inspiration and a strong fighter!

  10. Shelly,
    WOW!! What an AWESOME report!! Your dad is walking around here at Zeon with the biggest grin I’ve seen on him in a good while…and we’re all smiling too! (maybe even some tears in our eyes!) You have a lot of brothers and sisters in Christ here who love and support your dad and you. I praise God with you, thank Him for this latest miracle, and continue to lift you up to the Great Physician. 😀
    Amy Osterhoudt

  11. Michelle,

    I am praying for you every day and hoping that you are able to stay strong. Your news made me smile today (with tears in my eyes). I use the baby things that you made for me everyday, thanks again. You are talented on the sewing machine. They remind me of what a great mom you are and how I strive to be!

  12. Dear Shelly, what wonderful news! God is so good and I just believe that He’s going to bring you through this.

    About the iron – there are many iron-rich foods from plant sources and several websites that will tell you about them. What I’ve learned is that plant-based sources need Vitamin C in order to be absorbed. Cooked leafy greens drizzled with lemon juice is very good. We mix a variety of greens together. You can freeze the cooking water and use as a vegetable broth in other things. That way you don’t lose any of the nutrients. Spinach salads with orange slices or tomatoes are also good and quinoa is a wonderful source of iron.

    Shelly, keep praying and praising God. Many, many people, some of whom you won’t ever know this side of the kingdom, are praying for you and rejoicing at every bit of good news.

  13. Praise God! I am so happy for you! God does miracles everyday. All we need to do is have Faith! Give it to God, believe it and He will always take care of us. Faith of a mustard seed. We will continue to pray for you and your family and praise God for all He has done so far!!!! And next time shout it out, who cares if people think you are crazy. It shows people that God is with us! Take care!!! Lisa ; )

  14. Shelly, diet is ever-so-helpful, chemo is doing its job as planned. But prayer has more power than either as it brings the healing that is shared by the Great Healer himself. Keep up with the first two as the doctor directs and we will keep holding you and yours up in daily prayer vigils. God is good — all the time.
    Norm and Doris

  15. Michelle,
    I continue praying for you daily!! Thank you for sharing the good news!! What a wonderful dose of sunshine the Lord gave you in this fight!! Hugs to you!! Diana

  16. Shelly,
    I am so excited about your news! It made me smile and then cry. Praise the Lord for his healing!!! I will continue to pray for you. This is just awesome!!!

  17. Michelle,

    I work with your father and he told all of us the GREAT news! He was so happy I just about cried for all of you. Keep strong and never give up — we’re rooting for you!!

  18. Hi! It was so good to hear the news that the tumor is shrinking, and so soon , after just one treatment! I am continuing to pray for you. Keep up the positive attitude!

  19. Shelly…That is SOOO great!!! We are all praying for you up here! You are doing so great and such an inspiration.

    Love you , Lizzie

  20. Shelly – what awesome news! I’ve been praying for you all week and you and your family have been in my thoughts. There is definitely power in prayer and I know you’re doing everything you can to fight. I have asked some friends to pray for you as well, so I’ll update all of them!

  21. Hello, This is Angi Walker from pewee church. I was so relieved to hear your good news! knowing what I know about cancer I had doubts to which way the news would really go. I am sooo Glad for you! Praise be to God!! The healer and creater. I read the comment from your husband about your son and I cried. You seemed even more personable to me. Your family is also in our prayers. My mom also prays for you every day. You are an inspiration. You will win!

  22. Dear Shelly,

    I want you to know that I’m praying that your treatment will go well tomorrow. I know that the Lord will have His hand over you and that you will feel His loving arms around you for strength. Just remember there is nothing impossible with the Lord. Just give your all to Him and He will strengthen you.
    I wish your Mom could be with you today to give you encouragement for tomorrow also.
    Love to you & John, Jett, Abby & Kaylee

  23. Dear Michelle,
    I was so excited to hear your wonderful news. The kids and I have been praying for you every day and I had to call them in to share the news. I told them that we need to ask Jesus to continue to heal you and to thank Him for His wonderful blessings and mercy. Please know you are in our daily thoughts and prayers.

    The Morris Family
    (Melissa from church)


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