Nuelasta -my mean friend!

So on Tuesday I was injected with Nuelasta which is to stimulate the growth of healthy white blood cells so my body can fight infection while I am on chemo. Boy did it knock me out!! I guess I didn’t realize how badly it would effect me. I was told I would feel like I had the flu. By Tuesday night I was sore throughout my whole body. I couldn’t stop shivering and my stomach was upset. On Wednesday I felt even worse. I slept off and on all day. On Thursday I was back to shivering and feeling sick to my stomach. I found that if I kept eating small amounts of food throughout the day it seemed to help. I also had some ginger tea which really helps the nausea.(
Doesn’t taste very good!!) This morning I woke up feeling much better. I am still tired but I can do things in small spurts. I read on the internet that taking Claritin before the shot can help with some of the side effects. I also learned that the first shot is always the worst and will take 3-4 days to wear off. Throughout this I keep praising God for the small things I am able to do. I was able to walk every day for at least 30 minutes, even though I felt awful. I also haven’t lost my appetite or taste yet which is wonderful! I am still not using any sugar of any kind and I am not losing any weight!! I just eat all day- mostly raw veges and fruit. I eat lots of Avocados! I bought a bread machine so I can make my own bread without any sugar. It actually tastes really good! I still have times when I get discouraged but I just lean on God and I feel better!


7 thoughts on “Nuelasta -my mean friend!

  1. Shelly,
    You are so brave! Don’t forget that you can pour your honest feelings out to God at any time. He can take it! He loves you so much. Dave and I begin each morning with prayers for you. I have many of my “prayer warrior” friends praying for you as well.
    Today, I will pray for strength and no nausea!
    Love you,
    Aunt Kim

  2. I’m glad the ginger tea helped. I’ve used it a lot for various things. Just remember that each new day is a gift from God. I hope you have a good week-end.
    Just remember I’m thinking and praying for you non-stop. Love you much.

  3. Dear Shelly,
    You are so brave and such a warrior! I don’t know if you realize how sharing your experiences is encouraging to others. You’re an inspiration and I believe God is using you in a mighty way.

    We at Pewee are praying for you and your family. We love you!


  4. Shelly-

    I am a close friend with your sister. She spoke of your on facebook and requested for us to pray for you. I have been following your blogs and wish the best for you. You have been in our prayers daily and will spread the word hear for prayer on your behalf. May God give you and your family strength today and the days that follow. Much love to you and your family.


    Jennifer Colburn

  5. Hi Michelle,

    Praise the Lord for the strength and endurance He has given you and is continually giving you each day. Your strength and courage is a blessing to many.

    Continue to put your trust in Him for He will never leave you nor forsake you because He cares for you.

    Remember that you are very much loved and you are in all our thoughts and prayers.

    Joshua 1:9
    Have I not commanded thee? Be Strong and of a good Courage; Be not Afraid, neither be thou Dismayed: for the Lord Thy God is with Thee…

    Blessings on you and your family. (Love to your mother also.)

    In His Service,
    Meliana & Douglas Na’a (friends of your parents)

  6. don’t worry with God in charge you can accomplish it!! I will continue to pray for you all. And I love the dresses you made your girls. It reminded me of my mom making clotes for me when I was little and she also made my barbie clothes!

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